Mindful Parenting Brooklyn

Individual and Family Sessions in Our Private Practice


It is possible to make space for more joy in your family life.

It’s hard to be present in the here and now when you’re stuck in distress about the past or worries about the future. Mindful Parenting Brooklyn can help you and your children get unstuck.

While we can't always change our circumstances, we can increase our capacity to cope with and grow from challenging moments. In a safe and nourishing environment, we offer tools and support for your family to build the strengths and resources you need.

Some of the

• Trauma resulting from a specific incident such as surgery, an accident, unexpected loss, illness, assault, or witnessing violence

• Complex trauma arising from childhood abuse, neglect, or attachment disruption

Aggression, hyper-vigilance, attention issues, poor impulse control, chronic oppositionalism, regressive behaviors such as bed wetting

Child struggling to meet developmental milestones

• Physical symptoms with no known medical explanation

Depression, anxiety, a feeling of being overwhelmed

• Transitions such as divorce/separation, new siblings, blending step-families, adoption, moving to a new home or school, job loss, work-life balance, adjusting to an empty nest

Parenting issues such as infertility, adjusting to a new baby, “sandwich” generation demands, boundaries with other caregivers (in-laws, grandparents, nannies), single parenting challenges, navigating parenthood through divorce

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