Mindful Parenting Brooklyn

Winter 2014 Workshop Series

Navigating Change with Mindful Awareness
A 3-part workshop series for adults using movement, play, imagination, and brainpower.

Three Saturdays, 2:00–4:00PM
Feb. 1st, Feb. 15th, March 1st

Melt Massage & Bodywork, 84 Lafayette Avenue (@ South Portland Ave.) • View map

$15 individual / $20 couple

Feeling stuck? Preparing for a big life change? Recovering from loss or trauma? Learn how to use mindful awareness to cope with change and challenge. For the greatest benefit, participants are encouraged to attend all 3 workshops, but drop-ins are also welcome! Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate babies and children.

To reserve your space, email workshops@mindfulparentingbrooklyn.com or leave a message at (646) 308-1530, ext. 3.

Session #1: Saturday, February 1, 2014, 2:00–4:00PM
Attune to Yourself So You Can Better Attune to Others
Awareness of your own feelings makes a world of difference in how you relate to family, friends, and colleagues. Do you find yourself reacting to people in ways you don't like? Lose your temper quickly? Feeling stuck and not sure why? Are you anxious to please? Having trouble maintaining healthy boundaries in your relationships?

• Learn to listen to your inner voice

• What is your body telling you?

• Acceptance: allowing yourself to feel the feelings

• Uncouple the guilt about saying “NO”

• Become a better parent, partner, friend

Session #2: Saturday, February 15, 2:00–4:00PM
You Don't Have to Feel Overwhelmed!
Use Mindful Awareness to Make Life More Manageable
Problems with your job? Family stress? Relationship worries? Do you feel you don’t have enough support? Develop tools to help you feel more balanced and less overwhelmed

• Learn to ground yourself

• Access the part of your brain that helps you find calm

• Make choices about how you react

Session #3: Saturday, March 1, 2014, 2:00–4:00PM
When Bad Things Happen: Navigating Loss and Trauma with Mindfulness
A deeply-felt loss or traumatic experience can be hard to move through, whether it happened recently or years ago. If you’ve lost someone close, survived abuse, assault, an accident, illness, medical procedure, fetal loss, divorce or separation, this workshop can help you discover a new way to move through your experience.

• Build your capacity to be with the experience without reliving it

• Learn how your brain can help you cope

• Develop greater acceptance

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