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Mindful Parenting Workshops

MPB offers a variety of workshops that we tailor to fit the needs of participants. Workshops are designed to help parents use mindfulness and attunement to strengthen family relationships, reduce conflict, and improve communication. Recent presentations include workshops for parents at the Trilok School and the Berkeley-Carroll School and for graduate students at the New York University School of Social Work.

We synthesize current neurobiology research relevant to child development and parenting and translate it so non-scientist parents can understand and use this knowledge.

Our workshops are experiential, so participants can learn not just by listening but through doing and sensing.

Parents: Contact us to schedule a private workshop for a small group.

Family doctors, pediatricians, OB/GYNs, midwives, doulas, and other health and wellness professionals: Give us a call to discuss offering a workshop (or series of workshops) to your clients.

Educators: Call us to discuss school-based workshops for parents and teachers.

Workshop Menu

Mindful Parenting Brooklyn offers workshops on a range of topics through a mindfulness lens. We would be glad to create curricula covering other topics to correspond with the needs of specific parents.

Your Own Oxygen Mask: Self-Attunement and Self-Care
Being aware of and tending to your own feelings and needs helps you be a better parent. Even when you can't take a break, you can practice self-care in each moment.

Upstairs Brain, Downstairs Brain
In his book, The Whole Brain Child, Daniel Siegel explains how a child's behavior corresponds to what's going on in his brain. Learn how to put this knowledge into practice so you can respond constructively to your child even when you're angry or frustrated.

The Power of Play
Playing is the primary way children learn. Not only is play fun and creative; it's a child's pathway to mastery, self-control, and social skills. Learn to weave play into daily life to make more space for joy in your family.

Your Mother's Daughter/Your Father's Son
Explore how your childhood history influences your parenting style and how you can establish healthy family patterns even if they weren't modeled in your own childhood.

There Is No “Perfect Parent”
All parents make mistakes—the challenge is learning to make repairs, showing our children that secure relationships can be mended.

Supporting an Anxious or Fearful Child
earn how you can use your own nervous system's ability to co-regulate your child into calmer waters.

From Career to Parenthood
Explore ways to create balance while transitioning from a career-focused life to the new role of parenthood.

Surviving Intact
Getting through illness, death, or separation: how to help yourself and your family.

When Bad Things Happen
How to minimize the traumatic after-effects of events like car accidents and medical procedures.

Overcoming Test Anxiety
Help your child develop tools to create internal calm and self-confidence.

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